Jun 29, 2016

Did the Killer of Marilyn Monroe Confess? Was Marilyn a Spy?

Well, I suppose the following article has been around the Internet for awhile but it's news to me and I thought Marilyn Monroe fans would want to know in case they'd missed it:

A former CIA agent admits in a deathbed confession that he killed Marilyn Monroe by drug injection. He says she not only slept with John Kennedy (as is well known) but also with Fidel Castro which made her a security risk for the US government. In other words, she was assassinated by the CIA which, rogue agents or not, is the US government. Like Icarus, Marilyn flew too close to the Sun and paid dearly for it.

Personally I'm reserving opinion on the matter until more information is available. Yet I couldn't resist looking at horoscopes within the August 4/5, 1962 time frame of her demise where we can see that asteroid Icarus (assassination) opposes Neptune @10Scorpio+ so if we round up Neptune's degree--that's Neptune, planet of glamour and film, but also drugs, loss, dissolution, deception, and often active at times of mysterious deaths--we find a revealing Sabian Symbol which may relate to Marilyn Monroe's untimely demise and the basic reason for someone insisting that she 'had to die':

"A Drowning Man Rescued". And that would be...President Kennedy, perhaps? Or a CIA director?

Of course, if she really did sleep with Fidel Castro there could be another explanation--that one or both of the Kennedys asked her to hook up with Fidel as a 'secret mission' in order to get information for the Kennedy administration. Usually it's called spying on behalf of your country. Does this sound plausible and something like a *Mata Hari mission to you?


For happier times, don't miss a related post with a movie clip, stars, planets, asteroids, and analysis in: An Astro-Portrait of Hollywood Legend Marilyn Monroe.


*Curiously, Mata Hari's natal Moon @10Pisces is today conjoined by transit Neptune at that degree and Jupiter at Marilyn's death was also @10Pisces, sign of secrets, deception, sacrifice, drugs, and sub-ruled by nebulous Neptune. Mata Hari (nee, Margaretha Geertruida Zell) was born on August 7, 1876 (BC/BR in hand) in Leeuwarden, Netherlands and was executed by firing squad on October 15, 1917 in Vincennes, France. Click or tap the above link for more astro and bio details concerning this most famous of lady spies.

Mata Hari postcard, 1906, public domain image

Mata Hari 3

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