Oct 12, 2018

Judy Garland: A Star Is Born and a Sun in Sparkling Gemini!

Hollywood legend Judy Garland nee Frances Ethel Gumm, was born June 10, 1922 at 6:00 am CST in Grand Rapids, Minnesota with Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius, and 10Can53 rising. Have a peek at her natal chart which is accurately timed (BC in hand; RR = AA) where you'll see intense Pluto @9Can01 rising and electrifying Uranus @13Pis34 conjunct Midheaven, the Goal and Aspiration Point of Public Recognition, with exciting, variety-loving Uranus there.

And with Cancer rising, the Moon is chart-ruler and makes two applying Ptolemaic aspects in her chart: Moon opposes Mercury (00Can08 Rx) which is the indecisive head vs heart aspect, and Moon squares Saturn (00Lib51) suggesting a certain coldness of feeling which stems from childhood and began with her parents, probably both Father (Saturn) and Mother (Moon). This square hints at a lifelong battle with authority figures and it also weakens health unless positively supported elsewhere in the chart (it isn't). But there is a separating (unconscious) square between Mercury (thinking processes; communications) and limiting Saturn which gave Garland a tendency to become mired within certain thinking habits (obsessive) and to not hear others clearly or to misinterpret what others say. A depressive mindset of 'the worrier' is suggested but with no organic hearing issue shown which would have been difficult if not impossible for a singer to sing on-key.

And curiously, the Sabian Symbol for Garland's Ascendant @11Cancer is "A Clown Making Grimaces"! So here she is in the 1948 romantic-swashbuckler film The Pirate with Gene Kelly performing--what else?--Be a Clown!

Now in her films, Garland didn't tend to be cast as a major femme fatale yet fame was almost assured for as you notice, her Mercury @00Cancer, Saturn @00Libra, and Moon @29Sag10--conjunct 00Capricorn--are Cardinal World Points of Fortune, Fame, and Recognition on the global stage. Add lots of talent and you have Judy Garland! Yet her trio of Mercury-Saturn-Moon form a dynamic T-Square indicating potentials for 'pursuit of gloomy thoughts, difficult and slow thinking, and/or possible depression if the tide has turned' (Ebertin; Tyl).

Please note that this brief tribute post is not focused on drug use but you may wish to see Old Hollywood forced its first stars to work long hours and take amphetamines in exchange for fame which is pretty much summed up by Garland's difficult T-Square between her Moon (emotions, reigning needs but also publicity), Saturn (self-control, sense of inner authority, restriction), and her retrograde Mercury, the 'tofu planet' that soaks up the energies of whatever planet or planets it touches. Yes, her five marriages and her children must have been affected by this planetary trio for it would be difficult for her loved ones to deal with.

Tragically, Judy Garland died of an accidental drug overdose in June 1969, age 47, which was way too soon.

And what of her Air-Fire Sun Gem-Moon Sag personality blend? Actually, she shares this blend with Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich! If you wish, you can read about this blend in a previous SO'W post Trump and Gingrich: Peter Pan and the Pied Piper.

So why today post this tribute to Judy Garland? Well, as a fan of Garland's from way back, her natal horoscope floated to the top of the Neptune's Silver Screen's must-publish list due to the current version of A Star Is Born starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Check out an October 8th video of their press conference with the two stars discussing the re-make of the film.

And for 'background' here's a trailer of the 1954 film starring Hollywood legend Judy Garland:

Link to the 1954 trailer in case it disappears from this blog!

Related: the natal horoscopes of Sun Aries Lady Gaga (unverified, conflicting, two possible timings shown) and Sun Capricorn Bradley Cooper (RR: C for 'original source not known').

Oct 5, 2018

Audrey Hepburn: Sun Taurus-Moon Pisces

Once upon a time, hereupon was published the natal horoscope with a few astro-notes for Audrey Hepburn of Breakfast at Tiffany's fame. A trailer for Love In The Afternoon is included in the post, plus, a link to the natal chart of her co-star in the film, Gary Cooper, the 'older man' she messes around with--scandalous!)

Or, if you prefer, astro.com has her natal chart (RR: AA) ready for viewing. Because, you see today is the 57th anniversary of Breakfast at Tiffany's, the best known and (I suspect) most beloved film of her career.

Born in 1929 under the auspices of the Earth-Water personality blend of Sun Taurus-Moon Pisces, Miss Hepburn combined realism and imagination in the creative way of a nature mystic and lover of beauty. Full of earthy common sense, she felt a compassionate concern for the needs of others and allowed the vulnerable quality she naturally possessed to shine from the silver screen as it continues to do. Her flare for providing the public what it wanted added to her determination to succeed and Miss Hepburn's popularity was assured by way of her creative talents.

With this personality blend, relationships must have been central in her life for Hepburn was a romantically inclined lady who could be overly fussy and protective with loved ones. And if there is a negative to Audrey Hepburn's personality it would have been a tendency toward stubbornness and a potential for laziness, both traits of Taurus, ruled by creative but sometimes lazy, Venus, the planet of love and attraction! Follow the link for a list of Venus in all 12 signs.

Now why not step back in time 57 years and view a trailer for Breakfast At Tiffany's from 1961, thanks to "this digitally spinning world" of ours!

Here is a link to the trailer in case it is made to disappear from Neptune's Silver Screen!

Aug 25, 2018

Marlene Dietrich! and How Make-Up Went Mainstream - Jstor

In part due to its adoption by early stage and film stars, Make-Up Went Mainstream as ladies were assured by advertisers and manufacturers that cosmetics didn't make them look 'bad' or inauthentic. With foundation, one assumes that 'evening out skin tone' was often a goal, then as now, with the result that actors' faces didn't fade under bright spotlights and their good features could be emphasized. And even then, perhaps the haggard look of a night out and subsequent hang-over benefited as well though for some big drinkers it may have taken more than one layer and a shovel before they reported for acting duties!

Now you may be interested in a cool article on how to apply cosmetics so you can Look Like a Silent Film Star!

And here's Marlene Dietrich as a cabaret star in Blonde Venus seen in full, professionally applied make-up and looking the epitome of glamour!


Do you perhaps have a moment or two for a trailer with a favorite actor of mine Cary Grant also starring with Marlene in 1932's "stylish melodrama" Blonde Venus?

And so, in spite of the dubious chemicals in make-up (then as now!), film stars of any era wouldn't appear nearly as glamorous without their 'painted faces' and make-up tricks of the trade! And naturally, Neptune, planet of glamour, veils, masks, disguises, and film approves and was a driving force behind the early use of make-up on stage and in movies with the help of ravishing Venus, planet of beauty, art, decor, and romance!

Natal Astrology Reveals

Check out An Astro-Portrait of Cary Grant and the natal horoscope of Marlene Dietrich nee Marie Magdalena von Losch Dietrich (RR: AA) with Sun in early Capricorn, Moon in early Leo (sign of the entertainer), Ascendant in Virgo (the virgin and youthful looking when rising), and Midheaven ('MC' = The Goal Point) in the third decan of Venus-ruled Taurus, the builder.

As for Dietrich's natal planets and asteroids, her Venus in cool Aquarius partially accounts for her ice goddess image and facial expressions while seductress asteroid Lilith is quite happy in sexy Scorpio. (See Venus through the Signs) for more details. Now Jupiter expands or increases whatever he touches in a chart, and hers conjoins asteroid Astraea, so often depicted as a starry goddess. Both planet and asteroid fall upon a critical degree (20 Capricorn). Astrological Astraea suggests many themes, justice among them, plus, the study of Astrology. But in relationships she may denote one who stays in relationships too long until the bitter end! Here are a few biographical details about her life including the fact that she and her husband lived together for only five years yet remained married until death did they part.

As you can imagine, her natal Moon (reigning need) in Leo, sign of the entertainer, craved applause, attention, and approval while her planetary line-up in Saturn-ruled Capricorn denotes quite a shrewd businesswoman--from her Mercury (2:17), Sun (5:25), Chiron (7:03), Saturn (her chart's final dispositor @17:12--in its own sign), Jupiter (20:25), and exalted-in-Capricorn Mars (25:57)--all posited in her 5th house of Creativity. (See Planet of Desire: Mars through the Signs for details.) Plus, Capricorn is a musical sign as her sultry singing voice can attest. Yet Dietrich's Moon squared her Scorpio Nodal Axis of public contacts (lunar nodes), so I'll guess that in her day she may have been more popular with men than with the ladies, as Cary Grant's character in the above clip apparently agrees. Brooding Scorpio also denotes the plutonian quality of some of her film roles, plus, Mars in Saturn-ruled Capricorn hints at her masculine tuxedo outfits and demeanor.

Astrological Neptune Prominent

Glamorous Neptune at the critical 29th degree of versatile Gemini in 10th house of Career and Public Status (and conjoining a Cardinal World Point of Fame and Fortune: 00Cancer) opposes both her Sun (personality, essence) and Mercury (thinking, communication, speaking, planning) suggesting early issues of confused identity and emotional insecurity especially in regard to authority figures, authenticity, and an inner sense of authority which had to be developed as she grew to adulthood. A father complex is suggested.

Actually, natal Sun-Neptune contacts are not unusual for thespians and her Mercury-Neptune aspect is prone to fantasies and daydreams--helpful for a career in acting which is one of the more positive ways to express these deceptive energies. Yet paranoia, suspicion, defiance, and fear of competition may have resulted as well due to Neptune's nebulous, undermining, and weakening influences although a fabulous and creative imaginary quality can still be seen exuding from Marlene's appearances on elusive Neptune's silver screen with Neptunian deception made to serve her showy Leo Moon on stage and in film.

Apr 30, 2018

Astro-Notes on Mia, Frank, and Ronan

by Jude Cowell

In 1954, Mia Farrow, daughter of Hollywood actress Maureen O'Sullivan, contracted polio and as a compassionate adult has adopted numerous children, some with disabilities. Her marriages to Frank Sinatra and concert pianist Andre Previn are legendary and she stated recently in an interview that Sinatra, who passed away in 1998, was the love of her life. Checking Mia's Air-Earth personality blend of Sun Aquarius-Moon Capricorn, we find a lady with personal honor, integrity, common sense, and great problem-solving ability. A resourceful humanitarian, Ms. Farrow is a practical, broad-minded reformer--shrewd, independent, and a deeply thinking world citizen and human rights activist.

See Vanity Fair's article Mama Mia!

Firm of purpose, she tends to bring out the best in others which she certainly has done for her son, journalist-activist-lawyer Ronan Farrow, child prodigy, who has won multiple awards of late including the Pulitzer Prize (with collaborators) for an investigative piece concerning sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. A member of the LBGT community, Ronan's articles give 'voice to the voiceless', a megaphone to those who are seldom heard in American society. And when asked about his paternity as a son of Frank Sinatra, he said, "Listen, we're all possibly Frank Sinatra's son." Wink! Certainly Ronan's physical resemblance to 'Ole Blue Eyes' (blended with this mother's good looks and porcelain skin) is difficult to miss especially since Mia and Frank are said to have continued their relationship even after their divorce. (Actually this was reported at the time, if memory serves!)

So if you're wondering, Mia's natal Moon @11Capricorn precisely conjoins Sinatra's natal Venus, also @11Capricorn, and his Sun Sagittarius-Moon Pisces Fire-Water blend suggests that he was a visionary with deep convictions--and also a humanitarian who tended toward the moralistic side. Philosophical, Sinatra could be a sentimental romantic devoted to family yet perhaps his Sagittarian adventurousness and love of variety coupled with a lusty Mars in Leo explains at least in part his multiple amorous liasons through the years--that, and opportunities within the liberal atmosphere of a musical and Hollywood career full of lovely ladies. When famous artists go on tour--watch out!

Ronan Farrow's double Fire Sun Sag-Moon Sag personality blend (with Moon--publicity and fame--conjunct his Midheaven = The World Stage, but from the 9th house side = foreign lands/diplomatic service--see his serious demeanor, above) is one of dramatic creativity seeking glory, and passionate, vivid expression but with a tendency toward periodic depression (think Mark Twain and what he called his 'black dog', or, Ludwig van Beethoven). Sun Sag-Moon Sag types are humorous, intuitive, single-minded, and lovers of freedom who prefer the wider view and the central issues in any situation. Wholehearted and sincere, this blend finds corruption, cruelty, and dishonesty unbearable and will fight against them through social work, writing, and possibly teaching (he's only 30!)

Plus, Ronan's close conjunction of Sun (essence and life goal) and thinking Mercury show great intellectual abilities in Jupiter-related realms with a potential for teaching at some point in his life. Of course, insatiable curiosity is a helpful aid to his investigative journalism efforts though he probably dislikes admitting to having any limitations, thanks to boundless Jupiter's expansive influence and love of freedom. An 8th house Mars-Pluto conjunction (with powerful Pluto as final dispositor of all his planets) in sexy, delving Scorpio hints at detective work of a journalist but also suggests an active love life that may be kept behind closed doors (plus, 12th house Venus inconjunct Uranus = secret loves). If so, I concur for it's nobody's business but his own!

As for his recent public recognition, Mr. Farrow's natal 10th house Neptune @7Cap19 has been visited and will be again by hard working Saturn (karmic planet of accountability, authority, and seniors with clout--ex: Pulitzer Prize committees). During a Saturn-to-Neptune transit his past work has been deservedly rewarded and it's a time when dreams can come to fruition although harsh reality plays a part as well. Perhaps this cosmic picture represents the scrutiny he places on previously hidden social and political conditions now brought into the light by his excellent writing ability which is aided by the respect he has garnered from many quarters.

Above photo: Ronan Farrow in 2012 by Embassy of the United States Kyiv, Ukraine (Flickr) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Here's a view with brief bio details of the natal horoscope of Ronan Farrow (1987), a page which contains links to the natal charts of Mia Farrow (1945) and Frank Sinatra (1915).

Feb 27, 2018

Now Appearing on Neptune's Silver Screen: Lillie Langtry

Lilly Langtry, 1885

By The National Archives UK (Mrs Langtry) [No restrictions or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

If you wish, check out the natal chart of Lillie Langtry, famous British stage actress and socialite at the turn of the 20th century and companion of the famed and powerful. Langtrey was one of King Edward VII's mistresses which may be read about in the book Lillie Langtry: Manners, Masks, and Morals.

Known as "Jersey Lillie" in her day, the Jersey-born actress joined the earthly flux on October 13, 1853 and most natal charts for her are listed for 6:00 am LMT (RR: DD). This gives Langtry an Air-Water Sun Libra-Moon Pisces personality blend which is shared by a lady I just astro-profiled this morning on my Political Astrology site because she's in the news today--Hope Hicks, longest serving aide to Donald Trump and current White House Director of Communications. Follow the link for details on the people-pleasing Sun Libra-Moon Pisces personality blend.

And although Miss Langtry was a stage actress, Neptunian qualities such as being glamourous, beautiful, and photogenic still complimented her career in front of audiences and her status as a 'sex symbol' of her day so because these things concern us, let's consider her planets and asteroids of the glamorous, goddess-like kind for some clues to her thespian talent and romantic nature.

Obviously, Sun in Venus-ruled Libra provides beauty while her elusive Pisces Moon suggests the necessary creative imagination an acting career requires. Natal Venus, planet of the attraction principle, is posited in sexy Scorpio while Mars is in romantic Leo, a placement that suggests unbridled passion. And in the 6:00 am chart, Libra is rising which adds to her physical gifts and Moon-ruled Cancer is on her Midheaven which adds the goal or aspiration for publicity to her career sector.

Meanwhile, glamorous, romantic, dreamy Neptune Rx is strong in its own sign of Pisces @11Pis21 so she actually had a three-fer Neptune Return from April 2016 to February 2017. Electrifying Uranus is in Taurus and will be so again starting on May 15, 2018, so a Uranus Return will be upcoming as well. I mention this because Langtry was born under Uranus sextile Meptune which tends toward mysticism and occult studies, and of course the sign Pisces is in favor of the metaphysical. The sextile (60 degrees = opportunity) may also have given her a more intriguing persona and chances to shine with a bright and inspring creative expression. And if her Moon and Neptune are close enough, free expression was her expectation if not her demand in life and this would have aided her onstage performances and in the more libertine lifestyle of romance that she chose with social norms and boundaries broken for nebulous Neptune likes to merge and the natal Moon rules emotions. And in similar fashion, Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius suggests a boundary-breaking spirit and sense of adventure with Jupiter a planet of thespians.

As for Miss Langtry's love and beauty asteroids, Eros and Lilith are in Venus-ruled Libra, sign of relationships, intimate Amor is Rx in Venus-ruled Taurus, sign of the lusty Bull, and sexy Sappho is in just-as-sexy Scorpio. Goddess asteroid Isis is posited in the bright and chatty sign of Gemini which often tends to provide its owner with a certain sparkle and an entertaining wit. After all, monarchs must be kept entertained!

Then there's a wide conjunction (orb 9 degrees) between novelty-loving Uranus with the intense planet of sex, Pluto (also in earthy Taurus) which probably gave Miss Langtry a claim to being a force within her environment. However, the planet of thinking processes and communications, Mercury, is posited in Libra so a certain grace would have been evident in her professional and personal relationships and suggests a potential for diplomatic skills as can any planet placed in Libra.

Now let's consider the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Series into which Lillie Langtry was born, the intriguing 8 North. This series contains exciting themes of flashes of genius and inventiveness (great for thespians and other creative types), and vivid dreams and visions (Brady's Predictive Astrology). In our day, 8 North last manifested in 2006 @8Aries and will do so again in 2024 @19Aries, the Sun's degree of exaltation.

Debuting onstage in 1881, Lillie Langtry would have been approximately 28 years old which points toward a Saturn Return (1Gem03 Rx)--planet of reality and well-earned benefits--when her vivid dream of stage acting, fame, and fortune was brought into reality and any hard work would have been fairly rewarded!


Now where are your natal Venus and Mars? For more details on this romantic pair in each of the 12 signs, try this and this!

Jun 2, 2017

Watch a free screening of Gone With The Wind! (Venus in Libra!)

By Fawcett Publications (page 41 middle photo Hollywood (magazine)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Just discovered: a free screening of Margaret Mitchell's classic film Gone With The Wind is available! Casting Old South prejudices aside, it's a gripping tale even so.

My first viewing of the movie was my older sister taking me to a local theater in Athens, Georgia to see it when I was six years old and of course, as Georgians, the novel hung around our house for decades. I must have read it all the way through at least twice, and once again later on. Okay, and maybe parts of it during my 30s, plus, some film watching as well.

But the reason I stumbled across the free viewing of GWTW (linked above) is through a wonderful article by Atlanta astrologer Patricia Lantz, Libra: Astrological Symbolism of "Gone With The Wind" about how author Margaret Mitchell, born with Venus in Libra, was an astrologer before she was a writer and the characters in the novel were based on the signs of the Zodiac. How cool is that?

So if you have nearly 4 hours to watch a classic film you might never do better than Gone With the Wind.

**Astro-Notes and Horoscopes**

Check out the natal horoscopes of 'Scarlet O'Hara' Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier.

And here's a previous post on the film's leading male personage 'Rhett Butler' played by Clarke Gable including his natal horoscope with details--quite a bit of fatherly Capricorn there but Aquarius, too. Of course, his tragically short-lived marriage to Carole Lombard is part of Gable's life story.

Last but definitely not least, the natal horoscope of astrologer-writer Margaret Mitchell is a fascinating study even though no birth time is known (RR: X for date w/o time). Born November 8, 1900 in Atlanta, Georgia her chart overflows with planets in adventurous Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius--even Jupiter is placed in its own sign conjunct Uranus. This is the lucky break planetary pair yet after the ten years it took her to write GWTW, selling the movie right to David O. Selznick for $50,000 was a wonderful break but not exactly an overnight one!

And perhaps the money was just in time since the themes of her Prenatal Eclipse Saros Series (PE), the 10 South, suggest difficulties that are somehow wiggled out of: 'breaking out of a very negative situation where no hope can be seen to a space with plenty of options; a worry suddenly lifts and the Cosmos (or Astrology?!) shows the solution which can be quickly acted upon' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology).

Note that the last manifestation of 10 South is what I termed the "Beijing Olympics Eclipse" of August 1, 2008 @10Leo--you know, the eclipse that negatively affected the Chinese people and we saw George W. Bush on TV enjoying the Games--in China. Oh, and presidential candidate John McCain suspended his 2008 campaign and breathlessly rushed back to the Capitol to meet in secret over what to do about the Financial Collapse, thespians as politicians are. Actually, 10 South is Senator McCain's PE as well and the PE of the New York Stock Exchange (May 17, 1792).

Well, Margaret Mitchell is known to have been seriously accident-prone and hard-living (smoking, drinking, cursing, and such). And when a car hit her in August 1949 as she and her husband crossed Atlanta's Peachtree Street and she subsequently died from skull and pelvic injuries at 11:59 am on August 16, 1949 as reported on the day by The New York Times, the Sun @23Leo shone upon her natal Mars (23Leo) which denotes a day when hot-headedness or impatience were very bad ideas and head injuries were a distinct possibility. Plus, transit Pluto, the destroyer, was crossing an angle of the the death chart, the MC. If you have a chance, perhaps you'll set up the chart and take a look.

Margaret Mitchell's (Water-Air) Sun Scorpio-Moon Gemini = brooding passion + laughter

Now since we know that for the 24-hour period of her day of birth the Moon remained in Mercurial Gemini, the writer's sign, and the Sun was at mid-Scorpio (Mars-Pluto), we can say that Ms. Mitchell possessed an endless curiosity about people's emotions (and her own) along with a writer's gift for expressing and evoking the entire range of human experience. Sun Scorpio-Moon Gemini suggests that she was especially fascinated with the darker aspects of life including the sexual and destructive elements. Profound seriousness and an extremely amusing wittiness were hers simultaneously as she moved from the tragic to the light-hearted with ease--rather like Scarlett flirting, pouting, then smiling to get her way.

And so my suspicion is that the ability to make light of disaster and hardship and vow to "think about it tomorrow" was a winning talent displayed by both Margaret and her creation Miss Scarlett and I wonder--did the writer put off thinking about the tale of Scarlett's tribulations until 'tomorrow' and such procrastination was the reason it took her 10 years to write Gone With The Wind? Just wonderin'!


For more Scorpio-Gemini notes see Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey

Jun 1, 2017

Celebrity Horoscopes: Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier

Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier, Broadbeach, Australia, 1948

Photo {public domain} via Wikimedia Commons

Here are Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier in 1948 during a visit to Australia posing as a happily married couple! Well, as most marriages will, they had their ups and downs and in fact, Vivien's natal chart denotes a moody light-vs-dark kind of gal with emotional depression issues especially after she suffered a tragic miscarriage due to a fall while filming Cleopatra (1944).

Yet when she was feeling up she sparkled and her Sun Scorpio-Moon Aquarius personality blend denotes a very magnetic personality. Plus, as you see in her horoscope (below), sexy Sappho is in charismatic Aquarius (1:11) at Midheaven (MC, the Career Point @00AQ52) near genius Uranus (in its own quirky sign!) and her feminine Moon (goddess Luna!) there as well. Asteroid Vesta (The Vestal Virgin who keeps the hearth burning--kind of like Scarlett did for Oh Ashley!) conjoins natal Moon and her Part of Fortune (17AQ21) is there in 10th house as well. No wonder the young beauty Vivien (nee, Vivian) was noticed and put in moving pictures! And wonder why she makes a cameo appearance in our Neptunian tribute to Hedy Lamar?

Cupid's arrow found its mark when Vivien's good reviews for The Mask of Virtue in 1935 (London's West End) gave her confidence to introduce herself to another West End thespian, Laurence Olivier, after which they collaborated in films and in romance. Later in life, Vivien contracted tuberculosis and was also diagnosed as manic-depressive but this tribute is meant to concern her better days yet a word or two must be said.

Vivien Leigh: Glamorous Neptune Rises with Goddess Star Sirius!

In her chart powerful gold-hoarder Pluto is at one of the four Cardinal Points of Fame and Recognition (00Cancer) suggests that her worldwide fame could have factored in to her troubles in some way, perhaps through a lack of privacy (she became more isolated later in life). And both Saturn and Pluto are considered karmic planets by which I mean that consequences of past behavior took years to develop and manifest for we all must reap what we sow and may suffer deep feelings of guilt, shame, and regret over the past. Actually, Gemini is the sign that tends to obsess over thoughts even on a good day and may worry incessantly about whether it's 'going crazy'. Temper tantrums alternating with black moods may occur (and OCD may be evident). Plus, having the two actors' planets, Jupiter-Neptune, in quindecile aspect (165 degrees = obsession-compulsion) hints that the actress was creative and artistically sensitive (obviously!), tended toward constant dissatisfaction (dream of The Ideal), was unconsciously driven by idealism, escapism, indulgences, and addictions, and may have used deceit and illusion to gain advantage. (The Quindecile, Ricki Reeves).

Please enlarge for a closer look at the natal horoscope of the very beautiful British actress Vivien Leigh, nee, Vivian Mary Hartley, born November 5, 1913 at 5:16 pm LST Darjeeling, India; Hour of the Sun; an unaspected Pluto (unattached from her other planets), and Mercury out-of-bounds of the earthly plane with the conditions of both planets suggesting themes of a lack of connection with one's sense of power, and mental isolation. Note that 'Mary' is also a goddess reference and her family was Roman Catholic, a church that venerates and idolizes Mary via statues and graven images.

A brief bio and her natal chart are available at astro.com; birth data rated B for biography/autobiography.

Leigh's Venus is strong in its own sign of Libra where she may meet partners at work (6th house) along with her intense, sexy Scorpio Sun. Mercury, planet of communication and thinking processes, is in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, sign of The Seeker, and in the 7th house of Partnerships and Marriage so she thought and spoke about relationships a lot. Enlarge her chart to see the asteroids clustered around Mercury, and goddess Isis conjunct intimate Amor and nurturing goddess Ceres in the 8th house of Sex. Now another thing about her Venus, goddess of love and beauty, is that Venus is chart-ruler (via Taurus Rising) and makes only one applying aspect to other planets: a square to Mars, planet of desire, which for Vivien is placed in Moon-ruled Cancer (touchy feelings, easy to anger!) if the birth data's 'B' rating is accurate.

A Venus-Mars square denotes strong desires, unbridled passion, and an emotional temperament that exasperates men (Pelletier). Plus, her Mars conjoins glamorous Neptune, planet of the Silver Screen, an 'actor's planet' (as is Jupiter) which in this case, can be said to represent Laurence Olivier on the level of desire and magnetic attraction. In addition, a conjunction of Mars-Neptune is glamorous all by itself!

Yet the creatively inspired Mars-Neptune conjunction indicates that Vivian tended to ignore reality and the feelings of others (like Scarlett?) when asserting herself, and she was prone to disappointments (Neptune) in romance (Mars). However, the magnetic conjunction didn't disappoint her in 1938 when she won a Best Actress Oscar for Gone With the Wind! Perhaps her proud Sun Scorpio-Moon Aquarius personality blend aided her with its deep need to achieve and its magnetic effect on others--she appeared in almost every scene of the film and few if any in a worldwide audience could take their eyes off her.

Now let's complete this astro-portrait of Vivien Leigh with some odds and ends chart factors: her North Node of the Moon, a Jupiterian point of public contact, is in creative Pisces in the 11th house of Groups, Associations, Hopes and Wishes. Also in 11th house is wounded Chiron in compassionate Pisces denoting her reliance on mentors and/or gurus, plus, a wound that is spiritual. Thespian Jupiter is in the 9th house of Foreign Lands and Travel showing that much of her money and income (Jupiter) came from abroad (America, for one) and that this intelligent lady was something of a philosopher and a student of life.

Her Uranus-Neptune opposition is generational and though out-of-sign (Cancer/Aquarius) denotes that her year of birth (1913) was a period when large scale conflicts were heating up politically as leaders prepared to wage a tragic war (WWI) and the masses were too self-indulgent, apathetic, and/or busy to notice.

Vivien's Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Saros Series ('PE', in her 6th house), the 5 New South, manifested @6Libra and has themes of peak experiences such as falling in love (in Libra, sign of relationships!), good news, joy, and long lasting benefits (Predictive Astrology, B. Brady).

Now here is a marked-up natal chart of her very practical husband and brilliant actor, Sir Laurence Olivier; please enlarge for better reading:

For biographical notes on the life of Olivier and another look at his natal chart (RR: AA) visit astro.com.

Jan 20, 2017

Ooh-La-La at the Folies Bergere!

Yes, It's a Case of 19th Century Ooh-La-La!

Recently I received an email alert that History Today has published an article on the famous music hall the Folies Bergere which opened in Paris, France way back in 1869. Staging light opera and pantomimes in the early days led to wider success in the 1870s as vaudeville and scantily clad ladies became the nightly fare.

Later in its history, one of Neptune's Silver Screen's favorite actresses and dancers found major success there when she debuted in 1926--lowered down from the ceiling wearing a g-string decorated with what became her legendary bananas...the one of a kind Miss Josephine Baker! Follow the link for a brief Astro-Portrait of the lady, plus, a GIF that captures her Geminian gaiety and charm, and a photo of Josephine wearing her famous Banana Dance costume...if you dare!

Dec 16, 2016

The Lovely Claudette Colbert: Sun Virgo-Moon Gemini

Claudette Colbert 1931; studio publicity photo {public domain}

Trailer for Midnight (1939), a Cinderella-esque adventure about being stranded in Paris:

Born in Saint Mande, France (or as some sources say, Paris) on September 13, 1903 at 8:00 am LMT, Emilie Claudette Chaucoin was the daughter of a baker who moved his family to the US when little Claudette was three years old. She grew up longing to appear on Broadway and in 1923, debuted in The Wild Westcotts and adopted the stage name Claudette Colbert. Follow the bio link, below, for more details or check out this 24-minute documentary about her life and career.

Now let's consider the natal horoscope of Claudette Colbert pictured here with notes added:

Right away we notice a Mercurial, gamine quality to Colbert's persona with both Sun and Moon in the two Zodiac signs ruled by Mercury, the planet of youth and communications. However, love goddess archetype Venus is chart-ruler since the rising sign is Venus-ruled Libra, and also rules her Mercury which is precisely rising. Born at 8:00 am on the dot makes an astrologer wonder if her birth time was rounded off rather than 100% accurate. Still, Libra rising does fit her looks and her profession so let's consider Colbert's personality blend of Sun Virgo-Moon Gemini. Then we'll check out her goddess and romance asteroids, eclipses, and her 9th house Neptune in Cancer which is her most elevated planet.

The Earth-Air combo of Sun Virgo-Moon Gemini denotes one who loves words, has refined tastes, and is quick-witted and playful. Here is both a thinker and a doer who takes play as seriously as she did work. Quickly adaptable, Ms. Colbert possessed analytical ability, logic, and a cool, detached approach to most things, and while delighting in spontaneity, she probably appeared at times to be something of a snob.

In relationships, the twice-married actress upheld romantic idealism but it's doubtful that she became as emotionally involved with people as she thought she did. Yet a settled domestic life and a creative career were conducive to her enjoyment of life and helped her put aside the tendency of discriminating Virgo to criticize. With her Gemini Moon, too many details may have overwhelmed her at times and caused worried moods and pessimism.

In the 'Hollywood Goddess of the Silver Screen' department, Claudette Colbert as a Virgo, the sign of The Goddess and Virgin, had an attractive persona on screen and seductive asteroid Lilith in the 4th house, one of the psychological houses. Of course, her goddess planet Venus was also in sexy Virgo, a placement which adds issues of morality and practicality vs romantic considerations to the picture.

Above, we mentioned her cool detachment which is supported by icy-cool Isis, goddess of them all, in Moon-ruled Cancer in her 9th house of Foreign Lands and *parallel Silver Screen planet, Neptune. As most elevated planet (although in 9th house), Neptune is most visible on the world stage (Midheaven/MC) and with powerful Pluto there as well, we see that her Mercury-North Node conjunction rising fulfilled itself in easy access to public contacts (NN), communication skills (Mercury), and powerful backers (Pluto).

Asteroid of intimacy, Amor @6Pis58, is in the 5th house of Romance and Creative Pursuits so romantic partners may have been met on film sets; Sappho, asteroid of sexual encounters and in the 8th house of Sex, is in lusty Taurus, sign of The Bull, plus, with Venus in the secluded 12th house, perhaps a few secret assignations took place! Her planet of desire, Mars, is in its own sign of sexy Scorpio, after all, no matter how prim and proper she may have seemed!

And erotic asteroid Eros conjoins electrifying Uranus (fighting against tradition in Sagittarius) in the 3rd house of Communications which suggests a form of genius and a novel approach (Uranus) in getting romantic messages across the screen to the audience.

In addition, her Venus and Mars sextile (60 degrees) one another which suggests a need to be in charge (see Mars in Scorpio listed on the chart image), a good organizer, and one who can be assertive when she wants to be. This Venus-Mars aspect identifies an inner conflict of warrior vs peacemaker who is peaceful until provoked (Epstein).

There is more to say, of course, for hers is quite a complex horoscope with several planetary patterns which include an Earth Grand Cross (marked in red), several T-Squares (formed by the Grand Cross), and two Grand Trines (protection; talents; marked in blue) if we count the North Node (public contact) and her MC (Career Point) between: 1. Moon, Saturn, NN, and 2. Mars, Jupiter, MC, a guarantee of career success). Yes, Grand Trine patterns can suggest laziness (things are too easy, so why bother!) but there are massive amounts of energy and dynamism within such a major Grand Cross.

Well, that's my astro-homage to the lovely Claudette Colbert. Hopefully you've gotten something out of it and now feel you know Claudette a little better than you did before!

But if you're still curious about the lady, here is a brief bio of Colbert's life and career along with a bit of trivia (ex: why she preferred that her left side be photographed).

And if you look closely at her photo, above, you may wonder as I do: did the actress suffer from a case of strabismus?

*A parallel in Astrology is similar to a close conjunction and may be used for timing purposes. Here, Colbert's Isis and filmy Neptune are in a sense conjoined and their energies working together as with a planetary conjunction.

Also see Planet of Desire Mars Through the Signs.

Sep 2, 2016

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