May 8, 2023

Sean Connery and Ian Fleming: 1930 vs 1908

An Astro-Tribute to Sean Connery and Ian Fleming

by Jude Cowell

One glance at the natal horoscope of 007 actor Sean Connery reveals his four natal planets in Mercury-ruled Virgo if we include the outer planet of glamour, illusion, photography and celluloid, Neptune. The others are Sun, Moon, and Mercury, a Virgo trio of personal planets. This indicates that his essence is Mercurial Virgo, he emotes as a Virgo, and his thought processes are Virgoan.

Born August 25, 1930 at 6:05 pm GDT Edinburgh, Scotland, Baby Sean was delivered just as karmic Saturn @5Cap26 Rx arose (ASC 6Cap06) over Edinburgh and a Sun-Neptune Conjunction was active. This suggests that Connery's eventual film career readily involved this solar aspect enveloping him in the glamour, even mystery, that such a public career can bring.

His Sun-Neptune Conjunction also suggests that sensitivity, proneness to seduction, and entanglements in scandal are potentials within his adult personality along with audiences projecting their dreams of seduction onto his image.

Yet born with serious Saturn strong in its own sign of Capricorn, Sean Connery's often serious demeanor may be partially attributed to his Saturn-ASC conjunction (self-will, egotism, difficult childhood conditions, early maturity) but also to the abundance of fact-based energies of Virgo, the critic.

Here's an interesting video you may wish to check out: Sean Connery: Close Up beginning with a clip from Dr. No (1962), the first of the James Bond series of films. And here's Sean years later being queried in a 60 Minutes interview.

Meanwhile, the Wikipedia page of literary character, James Bond tells us all about it including author Ian Fleming's inspiration for the Bond character based in large part on his early love of Bulldog Drummond stories about a World War One veteran's dangerous exploits. So with a Geminian writer's versatility, Ian Fleming managed to transform the plotlines into stories for modern day readers, and the Hollywood film industry did the rest.

Aspect Grid: Ian vs Sean - Sean vs Ian!

Now from all that I've read about Bond author Fleming and Bond actor Connery, their work relationship was troubled, even contentious, and this is born out by the Synastry Grid, above, showing the natal aspects between them. You see an abundance of squares (frustration, friction, blockages, lack of understanding), oppositions (outright disagreements, external challenges, tug-of-war) circled in blue. A few brief indications are penned on for you as are the closest applying aspect to each fellow's natal Sun (adult personality). Of course, their difficulties are symbolized by generational clashes between Fleming born in 1908 and Connery born 22 years later in 1930.

Because on a societal level, 1908 was a year of a delusional Uranus-Neptune opposition when ideals were lost or reversed with unpredictable outcomes, while 1930 brought the world a Saturn-Pluto opposition of hardship, economic destruction, and a struggle between larger forces (ex: fascism vs democracy). The personalities of each man would have been unconsciously affected by the planetary energies of their times, as is the case for us all.

And yet their collaboration did go forward and there are a few positive contacts shown in the above grid which suggest a creative work relationship (sextiles and trines) but with few long-lasting indications; where we find conjunctions (ex: Venus-Pluto), intensity in their relationship is obvious along with contentious Mercury-Mars, and a Mars-conjunct-Mars contact (but in different signs, Gemini and Cancer).

Saturn: Planet of Work and Authority--with Testy Mars

Perhaps the most influential planet between them is Saturn (via Fleming's Aquarius ASC and Connery's Capricorn ASC, both ruled by old man Saturn, planet of authority) followed closely by the frustrating influence of the Mars-Saturn combination. Their Saturns square one another, a signal of conflicting values particularly in relation to work ethic and who's-in-charge issues. Plus, their Saturnian square brings along the natal aspects of both men's Mars-Saturn aspects: Fleming's a Mars-Saturn square, Connery's a Mars-Saturn opposition. Therefore, with one Saturn blocking the other, their personal Mars-Saturn aspects may have been activated or triggered by their relationship difficulties at work, via their conflicting values. In fact, a tendency toward harsh criticism is also suggested, due to inflexible viewpoints and a measure of resentment, most likely coming from Fleming's side, he being older.

Our Option: Shaken or Stirred!

Yet despite it all, successful films were made via their creative collaboration, films that are still watched by audiences to this day, so perhaps we can close this astro-tribute by saying that Geminian writer Ian Fleming's Aquarian-Uranian nature invented novel ideas and modernized plots which were then scripted and poured into the Saturnian form of a handsome Scottish actor named Sean Connery!

For the curious reader, here are biographical details for Ian Fleming and Sean Connery, may both men R.I.P.

Jan 6, 2023

The Story Of Nirvana (Documentary) and Kurt Cobain's Planets

Natal Astrology and Kurt Cobain

by Jude Cowell

Born with several natal planets in water signs, Kurt Cobain was a naturally gifted, creative, and troubled soul with charisma. His accurately timed birth chart set for February 20, 1967 7:38 pm pst Aberdeen, Washington reveals the restless mid-Virgo Uranus-Pluto Conjunction somewhat past its exactitude yet unfortunately opposed by restrictive Saturn in Pisces which is part of a planetary trio with writing duo, Mercury and Venus.

This heavyweight opposition, plus Kurt's Mercury-ruled Virgo Ascendant, spotlight the victim-savior Virgo-Pisces polarity with Pisces the sign of negative escapsim such as drug use, oceanic depths, imagination, mysticism, the Unconscious, and fact-based Virgo the sign of health, work, service, the critic, and the maiden. Mutable signs suggest adaptability but also instability without other factors in the chart and psyche to provide steadiness. Often, planet Saturn provides this but in watery Pisces, not so much. A 'struggle with opponents' is one of the typical expressions of a Piscean Saturn, along with boundary issues that implicate the child-parent relationship.

Now admittedly, I've never been in the "committed suicide" camp when it comes to the mysterious demise of Kurt Cobain especially once I studied certain informative horoscopes but that's a topic beyond the scope of this brief post. Meanwhile, perhaps you, dear reader, will appreciate the video shared above, and if one day my schedule permits, we'll discuss here the untimely, tragic end of the still-missed Kurt Cobain, may he R.I.P.

Nov 29, 2022

An Astro-Tribute to the Legendary Rudolph Valentino

Re: Rodolfo Filiberto Raffaello Guglielmi di Valentina d'Antonguolla

by Jude Cowell

Rudolph Valentino; Unknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

After watching Biography's Rudolph Valentino: The Great Lover I had to wonder why the pioneering silent film star, the "Latin Lover" who stole the hearts of American women across the land (to the chagrin of American men) had yet to appear on Neptune's Silver Screen. This oversight must be addressed! A kind and charming man, Valentino was talented with smoldering good looks that can still mesmerize from the silver screen.

Indispensible for our astro-portrait is a glance at Valentino's natal chart (RR: AA: accurate!) where we find that his Nodal Return chart of November 30, 1913 occurred very near the day Valentino arrived in New York Harbor on the oceanliner Cleveland (December 23, 1913), ready for new contacts and alliances which a Nodal Return with its joining qualities often inspires. Obvious is his restless nature leaving family and friends behind in Italy in order to seek his fortune in the US - and, I believe, to pursue romance, new adventures, and big dreams. In his early days, he is known to have felt that Italy was too small for him!

And so it was.

Of course, dance was his intro into a new life and career in the US, and silent films would follow so peruse Valentino's Filmography if you wish!

Now as I was saying, a Nodal Return occurs approximately every 18.6 years and times a period when old business and relationships may come to an end, and a new phase of life begins. Finding a love match often occurs during this period! So I'd say that emigrating to America, entering romantic relationships, and finding a career in the blossoming entertainment industry of the era qualifies as a new phase of life, wouldn't you? And a rather spectacular one, as it turned out, however brief it sadly was. Check out Valentino's profile page on Wikipedia for more biographical information including the tragic details of his illness and death at age 31. As it happened the day he collapsed in his Manhattan hotel room and was rushed to the hospital, he received the wrong diagnosis ('Jupiter-Neptune') of appendicitis (nope), plus, stomach ulcers (yes); perforated ulcers had mimicked appendicitis; then peritonitis of the abdominal lining had developed after surgery, pleuritis weakened his left lung, and later on it was found that he had developed a sepsis infection due to his weakened condition.

So below is a horoscope of the morning he collapsed, speculatively timed for 8:00 am edt Manhattan, NY with his natal planets and points highlighted around the chart in magenta (which may look pink or red on your screen). Rising at 8:00 am is Valentino's natal South Node of separation @20Vir33, then his Ascendant @00Lib53 (physical body), Anti-Vertex, Chiron, the wounded healer centaur, and then his natal Moon @14Lib21. As you know, natal Moon also represents an individual's physical body and is a health indicator.

Also marked in magenta is his Secondary Progressed ('SP') IC of Endings conjunct his SP Saturn Rx, planet of endings, separation, and loss. Saturn to IC in this case seems to have acted as a timer - by the Lord of Time himself: Saturn, aka, the Great Chronocrator. Was an inherited weakness from his paternal side underlying his medical issues at age 31? If so, taking good care of oneself would be an imperative, while indulging in negative escapist habits such as alcohol would only complicate matters.

Another factor to consider is that Valentino's Saturn Return (3Sco01), which had occurred on October 10, 1924, showed two health aspects to natal Saturn: a sesqui-square (135 degrees) from Uranus (0A25) and a semi-square (45 degrees) from Jupiter (2A05), both signals to act responsibly in matters of health. Plus, one midpoint picture appears in his Saturn Return Horoscope (not shown in this post): Mars-Uranus conjunct MC: an operation (R. Ebertin). Had he needed surgical intervention back in late 1924 but failed to heed Saturn's warning - or was he unaware of his condition?

Well, perhaps we might agree that there are astrological indications implying that Valentino had not been taking as good a care of himself as he should have (despair over a broken heart: Venus-Uranus square = divorced people; plus, possible employment problems? he'd been feuding with a journalist who had questioned his masculinity, a sore spot for the Latin Lover).

Meanwhile, as noted in the above horoscope there are multiple health indicators for those who care to look so please enlarge or print the image for easier reading, if you wish. This is a speculatively timed chart of his collapse on August 15, 1926 with my study notes penned on. Plus, you may wish to view the Last living footage of Rudolph Valentino (1926) which includes, of all things, a boxing match.

Events of August 15, 1926 Manhattan, New York

So as noted, Valentino collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, surgery was done immediately, and he seemed to be recuperating on August 18 (transit Mars sextile natal Mars: doctors were optimistic), but on August 21st pleuritis hit his left lung, plus, peritonitis had developed in his abdominal tissues (a rumor circulated: arsenic poisoning!). After surgery, his condition worsened and he passed away in a coma (Uranus-Neptune) on Monday August 23, 1926. As you see, Uranus Rx @28Pis32 is in his natal 6th house of Health conjunct Descendant (Angular, in Pisces, sign of infections and illness, ruled by 'Jupiter-Neptune', as noted, above: ultimately, sepsis overwhelmed his immune system: Moon-NN) following his collapse which shows in the horoscope via Moon-MC = Neptune at 8:00 am. Add to this, veiling Neptune in Leo conjuncts the Sun (vitality) and hides asteroid Hygeia, so apparently substandard hygiene may have been a factor in the undermining of his health - bacteria-wise, of course, as his multiple infections suggest.

Then among the chart's other midpoint pictures are four that conjunct the 8:00 am 'collapse' Midheaven, and thus are prominent - along with his natal Pluto @10Gemini - with midpoint picture potentials messily penned on and highlighted in blue, top of the chart: 'catastrophe, lowered status, notoriety, enforced separation' - a pile up of afflictions.

Also penned on the chart is a major transit: Saturn conjunct natal Uranus Rx @18Sco01 in Scorpio, sign of surgery and regeneration (unless negative factors interfere, which tragically they did).

A Saturn to Uranus transit denotes a time of limitation, delay, and frustration including in group activities such as film making, and of course, restrictive Saturn is a karmic planet signifying stoppage, blockage, and loss, while Uranus represents freedom, independence, and the future. This transit doesn't always end with death but as noted, Valentino's health condition was weakened physically, and, I believe, emotionally and mentally due to the heart break and loneliness of divorce which must have been very difficult for him because on the personality level, Valentino's Sun Taurus-Moon Libra blend (double Venus, planet of love and beauty) reveals a man with a deep need to be loved within a perfect relationship, a sociable, devoted fellow and an idealistic artist. Harmony was his 'jam', and discord was deeply upsetting to him.

Valentino, signed; James Abbe, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

And because of Valentino's untimely death just prior to Hollywood's introduction of the talkies, the question remains: would Rudolph Valentino have made a successful transition from silent films to sound? Well, here's a brief video revealing how Valentino sounded thanks to the fact that he was recorded singing: Rudy's Voice. What do You think? My suspicion is that after minor adjustments, the exotic Latin heartthrob would have acquitted himself just fine!

Related Horoscopes include: actress Pola Negri, a double Capricorn born during a Saturn-Uranus Conjunction, and here's my previous astro-tribute to another of Valentino's famous contemporaries, the great Gloria Swanson. And if you hanker for a view of Valentino dancing in The Four Horsemen (the tango, no less!) check out, Swanson and Valentino which also includes home movies and more.

Son of the Sheik; United Artists, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

So in closing, this post ends as do all such astro-tributes to long-ago stars of the Silver Screen: may the much-loved Rudolph Valentino R. I. P.

Nov 12, 2022

Actor James Spader: Lover of the Universe!

A Fond Astro-Tribute to Aquarian James Spader: Uranian Eccentric

by Jude Cowell

James Spader 2007;, CC BY-SA 2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons; file no longer hosted by Flickr

"Venus sextile Neptune = Lover of the Universe," says astrologer Alan Oken, and for the highly talented James Spader, this artful, imaginative aspect is involved with his intensely passionate Venus-Pluto trine, all together a vastly creative trio of planets when yoked together in such a fashion. But there are other indications of creativity and inspiration shown in his natal horoscope which you may view, below, along with my study notes penned on.

But first, how about a few words from the man himself: from February 2022, here's an interview with James Spader, star of TV's globally popular The Blacklist, announcing Season 10 for the long-running show. And here's the exciting official trailer for The Blacklist, a TV series first airing the evening of September 23, 2013.

Now admittedly, we won't find a huge amount online about the actor's life other than a few YouTube video interviews as noted, above, but I did locate one with a few bio details for the curious: Seven Things You May Not Know About James Spader which mentions his two marriages (Victoria and Leslie) and his three sons.

So turning to Mr. Spader's AA-rated horoscope, shown below, and without being overly intrusive (I hope!), we see Sun, Chiron, and Mercury in the 5th house of Children and Creative Pursuits (Mercury conjunct 6th cusp but in process of entering 5th house - Placidus system - and the little one is close enough to 5th and represents young people wherever he/she is posited - in this case, Mercury is the puer = son).

James Todd Spader February 7, 1960 8:02 pm est Boston, Massachusetts; RR: AA; ASC 23Vir26; Midheaven 22Gemini16: Sun Aquarius-Moon Gemini: double Air = friendly, flippant, bright, progressive, witty, and idealistic:

A prominent feature of creativity is that James Spader's natal Sun in 5th house hints (in particular) at his having an offspring who attains fame or some other sort of recognition, yet for him this also shows, as do other natal placements, Spader's natural talent in any creative department he chooses. In fact, the actor expresses a fertile imagination, through his nearly unaspected Neptune (but for a wide sextile to artful Venus and a generational Neptune-Pluto sextile of mysticism), via acting with Scorpio linking his characters to intensity and to issues of betrayal, sex, the criminal underworld and/or tales of spies and surveillance. This sounds like his film Sex, Lies, and Videotape for which James Spader won Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival in 1989.

And for additional astro-notes of that nature, see lower right corner for more 'seduction, lies, and danger' which relate to his character Raymond Reddington in The Blacklist. This character is also described by his Career Point ('MC' = Midheaven) conjunct a publicity-seeking Moon in communicating, sparkling Gemini in the 10th house (World Stage). Plus, his Moon leads a Locomotive shape of planets determined on success, and there's Black Moon Lilith @19Gem54 in 9th house which adds issues of destruction, decay, and seduction to his acting roles.

Then with both his parents being teachers, we see Dad in the form of Saturn, in Saturn's own sign of no-nonsense Capricorn (an expert in his field?), and Moon (Mother) in Gemini, sign of teachers, writers, and manual dexterity which is helpful in the field of teaching and practicing Art.

Natal Sun Is Where We Shine and Chiron Is the Wounded Healer

Now besides the actor's closest applying aspect to natal Sun (personality, vitality; essence) being an opposition to quirky Uranus - behaving like a dramatic, romantic Leo (11th house), the two planets opposing one another across the Leo-AQ axis of Self-Will, there's an intriguing Sun-Chiron Conjunction which you may wish to read about. Meanwhile, see lower left corner for details on his Ascendant/Midheaven ruler Mercury, planet of communication and commerce, applying only once via an opposition to powerful Pluto Rx in Mercury-ruled, scientific Virgo. Among other things, this aspect suggests a fellow with 'extreme curiosity about other people's secrets' - again suggesting some of his film and TV roles.

Ascendant Conjunct North Node of Public Contact: It's Only Natural!

North Node rising indicates a life destined to be lived in the public eye, but also one whose quest includes a search for identity (as thespians often do via their acting roles), and we see rising the Uranus-Neptune midpoint (@29Vir05) which seems fortuitous since the Prenatal Solar Eclipse Saros Series that little James was born into is the gentle 16 North right there penned into the first house of Self. 16 North is the 'Uranus-Neptune' series which provides the gift of illumination and creative insight drifting up from the Unconscious (B. Brady) - and with deeply creative Pluto in his 12th house of the Unconscious. In other words, Mr. Spader possesses a never-ending supply of creative ideas that can be acted upon.

To view an unsullied-by-my-notations image of his natal chart, visit And compare his chart with the triple Taurus horoscope of actress Andie MacDowell, if you wish.

So as noted, there are other indications of talent in James Spader's natal chart, plus, an attraction to 'New Age' philosophies and interests in social concerns, yet his Uranus-Neptune eclipse has given James Spader the creative inspiration that has thrilled and fascinated audiences - the Collective! - since his acting career began, and will continue to do so as long as he so desires to use these energies in such a way. With service an important factor in his life (ex: Vertex in the 6th house of Service, Work, and Pets!), acting is a good choice since actors must work with others to produce creative content such as film and TV.

In closing, here's a curious factoid: a 16 North eclipse last manifested on November 3, 2013 @11Scorpio - conjunct and activatinig his creative Neptune (see lower right corner!) and during the very year that The Black List premiered on September 23rd with transit Saturn in intense, brooding Scorpio sitting directly upon that same Neptune, and adding structure, consolidation, and organizing ability to creative projects!

Oct 27, 2022

ZaSu Pitts: From Kansas to Hollywood!

ZaSu Pitts; Bredell, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

A Tribute to Hollywood Actress ZaSu Pitts

by Jude Cowell

In our day, it's quite possible that ZaSu Pitts is one of Hollywood's least remembered movie stars who managed to successfully transition from radio and silent films to 'talkies'. Follow the link to view a 17-minute video about her entitled, ZaSu Pitts The Keeper of Hollywood's Deepest Secrets? which sounds intriguing, doesn't it? Agreed, but for the purposes of her cameo appearance on Neptune's Silver Screen, let's briefly consider ZaSu's natal chart.

R.I.P. ZaSu Pitts January 3, 1894--June 7, 1963 (Parsons, KS--Hollywood, CA)

Born during the waning phase of the Great Neptune-Pluto Conjunction/s of 1891/92 in early Gemini, baby ZaSu Pitts entered the earthly flux with Sun in Capricorn and serious Saturn ruling her essence and personality (Sun). Plus, planet Saturn is exalted in Venus-ruled Libra, sign of the creative arts and the Scales of Justice. Some trouble may have come with her Mars in early Sagittarius opposing the heavyweight Neptune-Pluto duo, although with careful, mature use of the energies, this planeatary trio can be highly creative, motivated, and may have given her an interest in the occult (but that's beyond the scope of this brief post).

An accomplished comedienne, Pitts appeared in one of my favorite TV shows, The Gale Storm Show so although tiny, I was a movie and TV fan and quite aware of ZaSu's performances wherever I could catch them. And in retrospect, I believe that her unusual first name helped her stand out from the crowd! Check out the Wikipedia page of ZaSu Pitts for more details about her family, career, and films.

Then besides appearing with dozens of comedy legends in It's a Mad Mad Mad World (a film lampooning greed), ZaSu was also in the cast of the dramatic All Quiet On The Western Front, a film based on the World War One novel by Erich M. Remarque which remains a best seller on Amazon.

So! This is my brief tribute to a long-ago Hollywood star not everyone knows. If you like, please share and leave your on-topic insights with this post. Thanks a bunch, Jude

Oct 24, 2022

Hollywood Headline: Tallulah Bankhead Loved Men!

Photo by Vandamm, New York, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever checked out the natal horoscope of the actress who hated Hollywood, preferring stage acting to film roles, Miss Tallulah Bankhead? Born with a Sun Aquarius-Moon Scorpio personality blend on January 31, 1902 9:00 pm Huntsville, Alabama to a wealthy, political family of US senators, she's been famously quoted as saying that she went to Hollywood to hmm hmm hmm with the attractive Gary Cooper who apparently was Tallulah's idea of a dreamboat. Did they eventually hook up? Yep, they did.

However, it should be said that Gary Cooper hooked up with a plethora of ladies through the years, and the leading ladies in his many films were fair game. Born in Montana, his acting roles portraying "the strong silent type" who "delivers justice" must have made him irresistible to his paramours. Try How Gary Cooper Got into Trouble with Seducing Multiple Women for details.

As for Tallulah, her most successful film (perhaps her only celluloid success) was Alfred Hitchcock's 1944 Lifeboat (tap or click to view a clip).

There's also an informative yet brief biographical video, Tallulah Bankhead's Life Filled With Affairs and Drugs that I can recommend for the daring. Or how about a video of Tallulah guesting as the show's Mystery Celebrity on What's My Line? on February 12, 1961? She was appearing on Broadway at the time, but the photo you see, above, is from The Little Foxes, circa 1940.

Tallulah Bankhead: Her Sun Aquarius-Moon Scorpio Personality

This is an Air-Water combination of conscious-unconscious energies revealing her as charismatic, egotistical, strong-willed, intense, keenly perceptive, and ambitious woman. Acting was a good choice, for Tallulah's magnetic qualities had a hypnotic effect on other people. Her "obsessive individualism" commanded recognition along with her self-confidence, a certain haughtiness, and unbending standards. This blend believes in living life to the fullest but emotionally can tend to 'blow hot and cold' and may sometimes resort to ruthless manipulation.

Be that as it may, Tallulah was born with glamorous Neptune in sparkling Gemini conjunct Midheaven, the most visible point in a chart and a marker for The World Stage!

Now yes, she was an "all or nothing" person, but I do think that Tallulah's "Images for Integration" (conscious + unconscious: blend for best and most creative results) describe the gifted, intense actress quite well:

"A scientist dissects a scorpion with great tenderness and absolute precision...A researcher presents his findings to colleagues at a 'Science for Humanity' Conference...Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey #ad.)

And naturally, that last image reminds me of Tallulah's starring role in Alfred Hitchcock's very watery film, Lifeboat!

Sep 3, 2022

An Astro-Tribute to the Legendary Jimmy Stewart

Stewart and Novak; Vertigo; Paramount Pictures, Public domain, Wikimedia Commons

Hollywood Mega-Star: The Down-To-Earth James Stewart

by Jude Cowell

One of the brightest of legendary Hollywood screen stars, James Maitland Stewart, was born May 20, 1908 at 7:15 am EST in Indiana, Pennsylvania. A view of the AA-rated natal horoscope of the popular actor known as Jimmy Stewart is available with his double-Earth Sun Taurus-Moon Capricorn personality blend suggesting a down-to-earth, practical, and creative persona. Additionally, his Sun (conscious) and Moon (unconscious) energies formed a beneficial trine (120 degrees) with one another and this accounts, at least in part, for his pleasant, onscreen aura of smoothness and reliability with seemingly few if any rough edges.

In fact, a Sun-Moon trine, if unmitigated by harsher planetary factors causing turbulence within the psyche, indicates just that - a smooth demeanor with easy adjustments to life's peaks and valleys. Perhaps this aided him during his military service as a World War II pilot, one imagines.

If you wish, check out his Wikipedia bio page for more details including a list of his many films, awards (ex: the Oscar for Best Actor in 1940 for The Philadelphia Story), and medals which even include the Presidential Medal of Freedom awarded him in 1989.

Now one of Stewart's more popular films through the years has been Vertigo with cool beauty Kim Novak, pictured above with Stewart, and some serious eyebrow action going on! And as you know, the suspenseful Vertigo was directed by the inestimable Alfred Hitchcock, who was quite an intriguing character in his own right! And how curious that in the film Stewart portrays a man bothered by heights - and he having served as a WWII bomber pilot! Well, I believe it's called, acting.

So now in closing, and curated just for you, is a list of three film trailers starring Jimmy (James) Stewart, any of which you may find enjoyable!

The Philadelphia Story with heart throb Cary Grant and the very independent Katherine Hepburn; Vertigo, as noted above; and Christmas favorite It's a Wonderful Life with his supportive wife played by the lovely Donna Reed.

James Maitland Stewart May 20, 1908 - July 2, 1997; may he R.I.P.