Apr 6, 2022

Super Star Errol Flynn: Australian-American Sun Gemini!

User Roisterer on en.wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

An Astro-Tribute to Errol Flynn

by Jude Cowell

In the A-rated natal horoscope of Errol Flynn we find an ethereal Air-Water Sun Gemini-Moon Cancer blend with Mars-ruled Aries rising. Born June 20, 1909 at 2:25 am AEST in Hobart, Tasmania as Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn, the swashbuckling actor remains today one of Hollywood's legendary thespians of the Silver Screen, a charismatic heart throb in his time whose considerable magnetism can still be seen dripping from celluloid, his filmography linked, below.

For a comprehensive biographical video you may wish to try Errol Flynn, 50, (1909-1959) Australian actor which goes into his unfortunate early life, flight at age 18 in search of gold, and several unsavory events. However, once Flynn made it to Hollywood at age 25, his dark past was hidden and he was groomed for success as a handsome leading man. His natural charm, charisma, way with the ladies (especially young ladies), and his physical prowess (Aries rising!) greatly aided his successful onscreen career. Fated for Hollywood, his lifelong Neptunian ability for bragging, pretending, and scamming others aided him as well for his public image was never as genuine as he'd have folks believe. In fact, relationship and legal troubles marred his life through the years as his risk-taking character overtook common sense. And yet later in his career, his good looks hid multiple health problems so that eventually, a story about a 'heart murmur' was floated if not credited by the press.

Love and Romance: Venus attraction trine Mars Desire

Flynn's natal Venus in Moon-ruled Cancer trined his Mars in Pisces and the two planets denote a romantic who felt love deeply, appreciated home and family, and loved art and music, although a life of immoderate eating and drinking would have been difficult to restrain or turn from, and would have negatively affected his digestive tract. Meanwhile, Mars in Pisces indicates his drive toward recognition, lack of reliability in love relationships, a craving for substances such as alcohol, enthusiasm for social activities, and possibly an interest in occult subjects. He may even have joined a secret society or two with Pisces a secretive sign and Mars the planet of action and motivation.

Of course, one major controversy still of note was Flynn's sojourn in Spain during the country's Civil War of 1936 with a pal who turned out to have been a "card-carrying Nazi." Even so, Flynn has never been determined to have had such leanings himself. A frustrated writer who wanted to be taken seriously, he attempted publishing as a war correspondent (his Sun in Gemini, sign of the writer); after Flynn's death, some people would use his friendship with a Nazi agent to slur his reputation.

Errol Flynn Filmography 1933 to 1959.

Now, how about a few details concerning the Sun Gemini-Moon Cancer personality blend of Errol Flynn, who, as we all do, deserves to R.I.P.:

This Air-Water combination of conscious-unconscious energies suggests a chatty fellow and quick learner who isn't always certain which is in control of his decisions: head or heart. A poetic and artistic romantic who fell in love easily, Flynn possessed a nervous charm and was adept at communicating emotions. In fact, this adaptable blend tends to reflect back to the world whatever it receives, a useful quality for an actor. Even though a playboy, he was a devoted father to 4 children (with 3 wives), and through the years his adult children have spoken highly of him as their Dad (Gemini, sign of the child, loves to play).

Unable to sign up to serve in WWII due to his underlying tuberculosis, 'macho-man' Flynn wanted his weakening health condition kept secret from the public for it would undercut, even topple, his swashbuckling image and this would have affected his and film studios' bottom lines.

How tragic that cases of TB and malaria, a lack of moderation, little if any self-control or restraint, alcohol and other drug dependencies, and an urge toward self-destruction would eventually lead to what such qualities tend to lead to: an early demise, age 50, of a heart attack, his heart enlarged from years of abuse, and his body discovered by his 17-year-old girlfriend. You see, Errol Flynn didn't have to chase young girls - they chased him.

Now in closing, here's another video (58-minutes) which may be of interest as well: Tasmanian Devil: The Fast and Furious Life of Errol Flynn.

Sarah Bernhardt: Sun Scorpio-Moon Aries sparked by Uranus

Image: Sarah Bernhardt appr 20 yo; Nadar, public domain 1864

In the natal horoscope of legendary French actress Sarah Bernhardt a distinguishing feature that would have certainly sparked the public's interest in her work and given her public appeal is an exciting Moon-Uranus conjunction in early Mars-ruled Aries, sign of the pioneer and path finder. Add to this the fact that natal Jupiter, planet of thespians rises with the alpha star of Aries, Hamal (keywords: to follow one's own path). Combined with her natural acting talent, Bernhardt's career as the premiere actress of her time is understandable on an astrological level and is well supported by her life's story.

Then with her Jupiter Rx in late Pisces, the thespian planet's own sign, the lady expressed onstage a gamut of human emotions with incomparable pathos. Perhaps the phrase "not a dry eye in the house" became 'a thing' during Sarah's career!

Nee Henriette Rosine Bernard October 23, 1844 8:00 pm LMT Paris France (RR: B)

Yet Bernardt's Moon-Uranus conjunction also suggests that she was an ambitious, restless, and possibly nervous woman (electrical Uranus!) with a yen for reformist activities, a lady who was willing to make sacrifices in order to achieve her special aims. As we know, sudden success was her reward along with fame and recognition. However, she may have over-strained her nerves and seemed quite the fanatic at times with a tendency to crave sensation. That such qualities would have spilled from stage into her private life seems a given and may have been part of her well known relationship difficulties.

Of course, natal Sun in very early Scorpio tells of an intense personality, brilliant but a brooder perhaps. And emotionally, her Aries Moon identifies her as an impulsive and willful woman with a lust for power and a strong personality, tending to act without thinking. In fact, both her Sun and Moon are ruled by me-first planet Mars but with a Pluto undertone--Pluto, the planet of power, manipulation, and wealth. (See her Sun-Moon personality blend details, below - and amazingly, here's a film clip of Sarah Bernhardt onstage in 1905!

Venus: Attraction Principle and Mars: Desire Nature

Venus in Virgo, sign of The Virgin, relates directly to Mary and to other archetypal goddesses, and suggests a lady indecisive in romantic matters. Practical considerations of this placement may have offset some of her impulsive tendencies, and a Venus-Chiron conjunction suggests a measure of childlike innocence in her personal relationships.

As for her Mars in early Libra, a friendly manner would have aided her in gaining success and suggests a desire to engage in teamwork, a necessity in the theater. However, a certain moodiness may have interfered in Sarah's relationships, as well as an overly frank attitude which may have caused disagreements - especially since natal Mars directly opposes her Moon-Uranus conjunction! The midpoint picture formed is one of a male or males challenging her excitable Moon-Uranus tendencies of restlessness and nervous anxieties, yet her ambitions would have been stimulated while a potential for violence or injury may have been engendered.

The steamy, volatile Water-Fire blend of Sun Scorpio-Moon Aries provided Sarah with a large appetite for life, a proud and persuasive personality, and a streak of missionary zeal. Sarah was a pugnacious fighter and strategist according to her combination of Sun-Moon conscious-unconscious energies; highly intelligent, she was aware of the need for self-control, a Scorpio quality. With a gracious amount of self-esteem intact, she was determined to 'make her mark upon the world' and through her large measure of creative talent and sense of fearlessness she did just that. Her Scorpio Sun gave her the ability to express smoldering intensity with passionate zeal at her command, both onstage and off.

Add to all this Sarah Bernhardt's sharp wit, raucous sense of humor, and tendency to drive herself toward self-imposed goals and it's no wonder that Miss Bernhardt reached the pinnacle of success in the theaters of Paris and has remained to this day one of the legendary actresses for young thespians to immulate, even idolize as the charismatic Neptunian goddess that she was, and a glowing, magnetic inspiration to others in her time and in ours.

And so as always with my astro-tributes to Thespians of the Silver Screen and Stage, I'm sending out a R.I.P. for the incomparable Sarah Bernhardt whose star of worldwide fame twinkles brightly here on Neptune's Silver Screen!

(For more personality blend information, I recommend Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey #ad.)

A curious tidbit of thespianism: Miss Bernhardt was born in 1844 then 48 years later in 1892, another famous thespian was born who also acted under the determined influences of a volatile Sun Scorpio-Moon Aries combination: Dame Sybil Thorndike who began her career as a concert pianist. So for the sake of comparison, why not check out the natal planets of Dame Sybil!

Mar 30, 2022

Hollywood Legend Ida Lupino: Sun AQ-Moon Scorpio

Ida Lupino Trailer screenshot [Public domain]; The Hard Way

For the curious, why not check out a full view of the natal horoscope of classic film star Ida Lupino born February 4, 1918 11:00 GMT London, England with Sun @15AQ21, Moon @22Sco32, and Ascendant in Venus-ruled Libra (20:30), sign of relationships, the arts, and beauty. With her Midheaven ('MC' = The Goal Point) in Moon-ruled Cancer (22:04), Ms. Lupino's ambitions included publicity and fame bwo the lunar influence. This is understandable as a member of an acting dynasty that stretched as far back as the Renaissance!

Biography aired an excellent 44-minute feature on the life and decades-long career--over 60 films--of Ida Lupino if you'd care to have a look!

Mar 20, 2022

An Astrological Tribute to Gregory Peck: The Philosopher

Gregory Peck 1948; Studio, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

March 20, 2022

by Jude Cowell

Perhaps you've noticed that there are several interesting YouTube videos available for fans of legendary film star Gregory Peck. One that I recommend gives details on his life and stellar career, all in less than 30 minutes: Gregory Peck: His Own Man. For you see, the wise Mr. Peck never allowed himself to come under the control of any one Hollywood film studio and always acted in films that he himself had selected. This was quite unusual back in the day, as you may agree. So let's see how such individualism is expressed in his natal horoscope with perhaps a bit of Neptunian romance as well!

Below: Horoscope of Gregory Peck born April 5, 1916 8:00 am pst La Jolla, California; RR: AA for accuracy; ASC 2Gem30 with Venus rising, chart-ruler Mercury @6Aries00 in 11th house of Groups (film-making is a group endeavor); Midheaven ('MC': The Goal) @13AQQ52 offers his 8 North Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') @13AQ30 on the World Stage with 8 North themes of 'flashes of genius; visions; vivid dreams; insights; intuition; a need for temporary freedom causes strain in private relationships' (paraphrasing B. Brady). An obvious expression of such solar-lunar energies could have been his acting career requiring that he work away from home and family during filming.

Now if you wish, consider my study notes penned and color-coded on the chart for not all of them are mentioned in this text:


Immediately we find Uranus, planet of freedom, individualism, disruption, and excitement, in Peck's 10th house of Career and Public Status - and strong in its own sign of progressive Aquarius! Here Uranus leads the tilt of a BOWL shape of his natal planets with Mars, planet of desire, energy, and motivation, in opposition, and conjunct the IC (Foundation) of his chart - Mars in romantic, dramatic Leo. The BOWL shape has a mission or advocates for a cause and is discernible, as you see, with all planets on the self-selecting side of the chart (choosing his own movie scripts and stage roles), and with a majority of his planets in the Public sector. As a pair, Mars-Uranus can be revolutionary and when in opposition as here, Peck's ability to stand out from the crowd is a positive expression of an individualist mindset, plus, an interest in Politics is also suggested. A lifelong Democrat, details may be found via Peck's Wikipedia page.

Then there's powerful Pluto @1Can19, within orb of the Aries Point of Fame, Fortune, and Recognition in his 2nd house of Earning Ability; Mr. Peck had for a talent for fund-raising. Yet restrictive Saturn is in 2nd house as well which suggests a conservative approach to finances, although some Saturnian boundaries may have been more difficult to establish or maintain than others (Saturn in watery Cancer also indicates family problems - tragically, the Pecks lost a son due to probable suicide). Had a father's financial overindulgence been a part of the problem? Certainly, a Mercury-Saturn square of 'the worrier' (A. Oken) denotes sobering issues in his life along with his natal Mercury conjunct sad Orpheus.

Yet from his acting debut in 1944 onward, Gregory Peck enjoyed critical success, then handsome leading-man status, but I believe it was his role as Atticus Finch in 1962's To Kill a Mocking Bird that has earned him his most popular acclaim and lasting fame through the years. Based on the novel by Harper Lee, the book and film dealt with an oft-neglected topic in our country: America's original wound - her fatal flaw - racism. Peck's career success, plus, a talent for philosophical topics (Mercury conjunct Jupiter = 'The Philosopher' who can see the larger issues) may be viewed through his expansive, enthusiastic Sun-Jupiter conjunction of Salesmanship in 11th house of Groups. And his 9th house of Foreign Lands, Higher Education, and Philosophy contains the North Node of public contact @5AQ12 (opposing the dreamy, romantic Mars-Neptune duo conjunct his natal South Node of inherited talent!).

That his Nodal Axis opposes by sign that of America (July 4, 1776) - South Node to North Node, and vice versa, implies that Peck and the American public could bring out either the worst, or the best, in one another. My suggestion is that this cosmic condition relates to his role as Atticus Finch, a script he obviously chose for himself, and which for many Americans brought out our best reactions, or at least, a still-active reconsideration of the difficult issue of racism, and of the inequality that existed, and still exists, within our two-tiered legal system.

Meanwhile, let's credit the Mutual Reception (on friendly terms!) between his natal Sun and Mars, which are beneficially trine one another in creative Fire signs, for his ability to reach to the heart of matters, plus, Jupiter in Aries suggests a man of nobility of character and integrity. And Jupiter in Mars-ruled Aries provides support for his Mars-Jupiter trine, a cosmic picture of endowment.

As for the personality blend of Gregory Peck, that is in part revealed by his intense Fire-Earth combo of conscious-unconscious energies - the Sun Aries-Moon Taurus combo, a Mars-Venus pairing. This blend describes a man with a tough vs tender demeanor and an intuitive yet pragmatic approach. Self-confident and ambitious, Gregory Peck possessed staying power and a charismatic magnetism which can still be viewed on-screen. In fact, taking center stage was a natural activity for him and he did it with grace and style as his long Hollywood career attests!

April 5, 1916 - June 12, 2003, age 87

Well, many more chart factors are there for your consideration if you so desire but let's close this astrological tribute with a link to the extensive Filmography of the legendary Hollywood star, Mr. Gregory Peck, long a favorite around here.

May he R.I.P.

For more personality information, you may wish to consult Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey #ad.

Mar 16, 2022

An Astro-Tribute to the Legendary Buster Keaton

Buster Keaton WWI 1918; Unknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

March 16, 2022

by Jude Cowell

In our era it's somewhat difficult to credit the past career and stellar popularity of an actor, producer, and writer like Buster Keaton, a man whose physical comedy, amazing stunt work, and basset-hound facial expressions remain easily recognized. Keaton's pioneering career in Hollywood is graced by an impressive, extensive Filmography if you care for a peek.

And you may wish to check out the natal horoscope of Joseph Frank "Buster" Keaton (RR: A via his Dad: 'born between acts of his parents' medicine show'!) where you'll find his seriously minded, deep-thinking Mercury-Saturn conjunction squared by jolly Jupiter in dramatic Leo, a cosmic signature of his style of comedy - or perhaps tragi-comedy style is more the case. Recommended is a YouTube video (5M 12S) of Some of Buster Keaton's Most Amazing Stunts. Or, fast forward to his September 1, 1957 appearance on What's My Line? (including comic Ernie Kovacs), if you wish. That evening, transit Pluto @00Virgo, planet of power, was conjunct Buster Keaton's natal Ascendant as was the transiting Mercury-Uranus midpoint! This suggests enhanced creative ability and a sense of recklessness - perhaps a reference to his years of celluloid stunt work that looked - still look - dangerous and painful. However, this was Keaton's "line" of work, and that evening a beneficial trine from North Node in Scorpio to his natal North Node in Pisces provided him with the opportunity for a major contact with the public on what then was a very popular TV show.

A Hollywood Legend's 'live-wire' Air-Fire Sun Libra-Moon Aries

Now allow me say this: until a few minutes ago I was unaware that today's position of the North Node of public contact @24Tau14 points directly toward, of all things, the natal Midheaven (@24Tau37, the Career Point of Public Standing) of Buster Keaton but apparently this post might in a very small way fulfill a karmic imperative of public contact with his career. Naturally, Mr. Keaton is no longer around to benefit specifically, but there it is!

As for Mr. Keaton's conscious (Sun) - unconscious (Moon) blend across the Libra-Aries axis of relationships (married thrice!), it's under the influence of the Venus-Mars duo, and admittedly as a child, I always thought the actor was a handsome fellow. His astounding physicality and energy may be seen through his risk-taking Sun-Mars conjunction in Libra, yet with wounded Chiron nearby.

(For more personality details see Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey #ad.)

Meanwhile, a natal YOD of crisis-special-task-turning-point-spiritual-opportunity implications may be read as a midpoint picture: Moon-Neptune = Uranus (in brooding, dark, attractive Scorpio along with a bottomless pit of creative, novel ideas) suggesting potentials for emotional unpredictability (three marriages?) and an impulsive nature. Add these energies to his risk-taking Sun-Mars duo, plus his thespian planet Jupiter in entertaining Leo, and we find a legendary Hollywood actor whose pioneering performances and stunts remain awesome, even energizing, to watch - yet as a maternal type myself, this caution must be added: Please don't try this at home!

R.I.P. Buster Keaton: October 4, 1895 Piqua, Kansas - February 1, 1966 of lung cancer.


UPDATE March 16, 2022: just a note that it occurred to me to check geni dot com to see if Buster Keaton and I are connected and it turns out that we have an in-law connection: we're 17th cousins once removed. Tracing his Keaton line back on the geni site, the earliest of his ancestors I could find was Zachariah Keaton, born circa 1682, died circa 1743, both in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. Also, I left out of the above post the descriptive factoid that Buster Keaton was often called, "The Great Stone Face," and if we look to his natal chart for "30 Pisces" which has this Sabian Symbol attached, we find not a planet but a midpoint of Moon-North-Node = 'contact with the public' along with a link to major publicity, possible spiritual unions, and, biologically, the immune system. jc #

Jan 31, 2022

Astro-Portrait of Mae West: Hollywood Goddess of Glamour!

Talk About An Hourglass Figure: Here's Mae West!

Photo: Mae West in "Go West Young Man" 1936; Unknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

A view of the natal horoscope of Mae West born August 17, 1893 10:30 pm EST Brooklyn, NY Kings County reveals the self-admitted "grand ego" of her Sun @25Leo36 (dramatic Leo, a natural leader), and Moon in brooding, deep-feeling, sometimes ruthless Scorpio. Late Taurus rises (24:49) bringing up the star of deep passion, Algol. As a natural talent and a shrewd business woman, the actress' most famous line from her films has to be, "Why don't you come up and see me sometime?" which is a slight misquote from her film, She Done Him Wrong (1933), spoken to a character played by a young actor named Cary Grant. Her suggestive scripts relate to her natal Mercury in romantic Leo (11:03) as we see in her natal chart for Mercury Stationed Retrograde ('Rx') at the time of her birth (nee Mary Jane West) which added strength and focus to her thoughts and planning ability with Mercurial thoughts often trending toward romance, entertainment, and creativity (Leo).

Meanwhile, chart-ruler Venus in Virgo (sign of The Virgin, a goddess symbol as is Lady Venus) in the 5th house of Romance and Creative Pursuits makes only one applying aspect in her natal chart - a lucky trine with beneficial Jupiter (5A39). The Great Benefic rises in 1st house @29Taurus (a critical 29th degree, so eager to get on with it) which suggests that her larger-than-life schemes paid off significantly. And of course, with money planet Jupiter in money sign Taurus, her desire for financial security and talent for 'making it happen' are revealed along with a love of comfort.

Mae West August 17, 1983 -- November 22, 1980, passing away with Pluto in Libra conjunct her natal South Node, Mercury in Scorpio conjunct natal Moon in her 6th house of Health, Moon in Gemini conjunct natal Neptune, and Neptune @21Sag36 conjunct her natal 8th cusp, just inside the 8th house of death.

Now her extraordinary career success implies that Mae West was not a good loser and kept plugging away, but for sparkle and excitement on the Silver Screen and onstage, there's her 6th house Moon-Uranus conjunction, scintillating in sexy Scorpio!

Then there's her steamy Fire-Water Sun Leo-Moon Scorpio personality blend of conscious + unconscious energies in stubborn fixed signs providing her with a large measure of magnetism, a defiant attitude, strong ambition and competitiveness, fanaticism toward survival, an aura of queenly imperiousness, a capacity for hard work, and a love of drama and risk (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey #ad). Naturally, self-dramatizing impulses would have supported her play writing which led to Broadway success in addition to her high-grossing films (during the Great Depression!). And perhaps you agree that her personality blend's two 'Images for Integration' apply to this popular glamour queen, so see what you think:

"A fateful, passionate love affair between the queen and a mysterious, wandering peasant...The conception of a divine child takes place during a total eclipse of the Sun."

A divine child?

Well, then let's consider the Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') which manifested prior to the birth of Mae West, a Total Eclipse @26Ari48 perfecting on April 16, 1893 in the over excessive 3 North Saros Series with themes of, "traumatic transformation; worrisome news that transforms a situation, possibly involving a young person; "obsession"; and, "large plans are wanted" which can be positive but "don't get carried away," cautions Bernadette Brady in her book Predictive Astrology #ad. Plus, we know that a solar eclipse in Mars-ruled Aries denotes ardor, enthusiasm, daring, a competitive nature, and a pioneering spirit. And a pioneering actress she definitely was!

(Side Note: You may remember that the last occurrence of a 3 North Solar Eclipse was on July 2, 2019 @10Can37, snugged among America's natal Venus-Jupiter-Sun in Cancer of July 4, 1776. 'Traumatic transformation' indeed.)

So! If you'd like more biographical details concerning this sparkling glamour queen try Mae West on YouTube, or, you might find the Wikipedia page for Mae West to be of interest.

And in closing, who can resist Top 63 Inspirational Mae West Quotes You Must Read! For when it comes to the realms of romance, the enduring wisdom of Mae West is educational!

Dec 12, 2021

Legendary Actor Marlon Brando: Aries Aries Aries!

Brando: Edward Cronenweth (1903-1990) [1], Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

In the natal horoscope (RR: AA) of the bold and innovative actor Marlon Brando the fiery sign of Aries, ruled by Mars, is the primary focus with his Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Ascendant in the me-first, pioneering sign. And curiously, his Chiron, the wounded healer centaur, @20Ari06 precisely conjuncts America's Chiron of July 1776 with a descriptive Sabian Symbol for its rounded-up degree, "A Pugilist Entering the Ring." During Brando's difficult childhood, this Symbol relates to his alcoholic, abusive father and later to some of the screen roles he took on in his career which probably aided him in working out his inner demons (a typical exercise used by thespians). Note his plaintive "I coulda been a contender!", regretfully spoken like a wounded creature in On the Waterfront (1954) for which he won his first Oscar.

However, the socially conscious Brando was arrested and not allowed in when he went to Wounded Knee (aka, an occupation) and, on March 27, 1973, he declined the Academy Award for his performance in The Godfather to make a point. Sacheen Littlefeather attended in his place and is remembered for her 'inconvenient' speech that night which I watched on TV and was annoyed by how they ushered her off the stage before she finished speaking. This controversy is discussed by Brando in the video linked, below. And of course, you know about the Wounded Knee Massacre, a crime against humanity, perpetrated on the morning of December 29, 1890, when the US Army massacred nearly 300 members of the Lakota tribe of South Dakota.

Before he became an activist, Marlon Brando sizzled across Neptune's Silver Screen

Besides the heat (Mars) he gave off from the silver screen (and in his personal life, 'tis said), one of Brando's more famous quotes may best describe his Mars-infused personality,

"An actor's a guy who, if you ain't talkin' about him, ain't listening."

Well, today I'm typing about him in an attempt to pay tribute to a thespian (may he R.I.P) who changed the way the world looked at acting and actors. Was it for the best? That would be a matter of personal opinion for there were many changes in society during the years of his celluoid appearances. Yet I must fall upon the side of Yes! to his pioneering ability and raw talent as he expressed every human emotion on full display. Plus, I believe that Brando channeled America's 'wounded' energies via our shared Chiron in Mars-ruled Aries, a hint that one's sense of self has been wounded (when Chiron is in Aries).

Yes, his strong Mars influences resonate well with his second Oscar for Tennesee Wiliams' A Streetcar Named Desire for as you know, desire falls directly within the province of astrological Mars!

So in closing, dear reader, I've curated for you several YouTube videos with Brando as subject and my favorite to recommend is his June 12, 1973 interview on The Dick Cavett Show, soon after he rejected the Oscar for The Godfather. Mr. Brando had flown in from Tahiti for the interview during which they discussed American Indian issues and concerns, the controversy of the day in 1973, and, "what the motion picture industry had done to the American Indian, as a matter of fact, all ethic groups, all minorities, all non-whites."

So perhaps you'll agree that Marlon Brando was ahead of this time in the social conscience department - and in the acting department, too. Impulsive Mars likes to act and emote, and it isn't rare that a person under the strong influence of Mars turns out to be an activist, one who is interested in Politics, Government, and Law which fall under the purview of Saturn-ruled Capricorn, the sign of Brando's natal Mars. This placement gave him with maturity (Saturn) the ability to control, channel, and direct his Martian energies most efficiently while his worldwide fame provided opportunities to speak out on the causes in which he believed.

And so as many people have admitted through the years, Marlon Brando, with his quadruple Mars influences and pioneering acting talent, was most definitely a contender.