Feb 20, 2016

Love and Attraction in the Signs of Venus

The Birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli, public domain, Wikimedia Commons

Alluring Venus spins an attractive web (network) especially for appearing at social and celebratory occasions including Film Premieres, then sashays down the Red Carpet as Neptune's discovery Photography is certain to snap away for Press Release...

You've seen her before--the divine goddess of love and beauty, Venus playing roles in everyone's psyches (as shown in their natal or birth horoscopes) yet The Lady can also be content and relaxed sparkling and glowing from the Silver Screen!

Here is a brief list (partial) of traits expressed by astrological Venus as she attracts, loves, seduces, popularizes, evaluates (rates), glides, or even vamps through the Tropical Zodiac, spending approximately one year accomplishing her journey through each 30-degree sign while following her path of orbit, aka, the *Cycle of Venus, the planetary embodiment of The Attraction Principle. And now...

The Stars of Neptune's Silver Screen presents: Love in the Signs of Venus

Mars-ruled Aries: ardent, passionate, romantic or erotic dreaminess, love at first sight, romantic adventures, a strong wishing power, creative beauty.

Venus-ruled Taurus: deep powers of attraction, an earthy sensuality, love of luxury and precious gems, artistic talent, faithfulness, stable love relationships, attracting possessions.

Mercury-ruled Gemini: charm, courtesy, cooperation, accommodation, love of talk and discussion, superficial love attachments lead to conflict, disloyalty, duplicity in partnerships;

Moon-ruled Cancer: art, music, literature, appreciation of home and family, leaning on others, deep seated feelings of love; overindulgence at parties or with pleasant things, sweet enjoyments;

Sun-ruled Leo: an easily aroused love impulse, love of luxury and dressing elegantly, warm-heartedness, an abundance of love, attraction to social and cultural events, dramatic romances, quick contacts, tending toward premature marriage;

Mercury-ruled Virgo: striving for moral purity, practical concerns or logic suppress the love nature, indecisive in matters of love; discriminating in romance; shy gestures when meeting, modest attempts to connect;

Venus-ruled Libra: friendly, cooperative, obliging, diplomatic, artistically talented, sociable and popular, in love with love, good taste, scattered affections;

Mars-Pluto-ruled Scorpio: strong powers of attraction, deeply passionate, fanatic love, idol worship, secret feelings, licentiousness, jealousy, intemperance ruins health;

Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius: idealism in love, romantic imaginings, hypersensitivity, religious adoration, amorous wishing power, spreading one's love around, attraction to foreign partners, instability in relationship;

Saturn-ruled Capricorn: faithful partners, a sense of duty, or, duty over love, a preference for mature or well established mates, a 'matter of fact' manner invites disappointment and separation, jealousy, lack of trust, old fashioned views, emotional control;

Saturn-Uranus-ruled Aquarius: progressive values and views on love relationships, 'modern marriage', friends become lovers or lovers become friends, friendship and camaraderie are most important, protection, enjoyment of social functions, couples with shared cultural or intellectual interests;

Jupiter-Neptune-ruled Pisces: a carefree temperament, pining for love, imaginary romances, creative inspiration, impressionable, love and creation of music and the arts, comfort-loving, little self-control, full of gentle concern, easily seduced, compassionate, sympathetic, and charitable.

Add Mars, planet of desire, to Venus, planet of romance and attraction, and sparks will fly!

Now I suspect that you can think of other sign-inspired traits, some of which may be passionate in a negative or destructive way. One such role for femme fatale Venus to play on the Silver Screen is the easily identifiable scorned lover since everyone knows how vengeful Venus can be when scorned and made jealous by a romantic rival!


For a complete pair, also check out Planet of Desire: Mars in the Signs of the Zodiac.

Please note that the above traits are affected by input from other planets as they relate to the position of Venus in the natal or event chart; therefore, Venusian tendencies may be moderated, dispensed with all together, or stimulated by transiting planets, progressions, eclipses, or contacts with stars.

Besides romance, adoration, beauty, and art, astrological Venus affects all levels of human endeavor so for Campaign 2016 astro-notes of a forecasting nature, check out The Venus *Cycle in US Presidential Elections which includes the importance of Venus acting in the roles of Morning Star or Evening Star in November (this matters, and involves Libra and Sagittarius) based on her 8-year cycle. Somehow the timing seems oddly sinister that TV moguls have recently premiered a TV show known as Lucifer which, as with its comix incarnation, will help confuse a good many young people and others about what is actually a sober topic each person must decide: where to spend Eternity.

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