Dec 25, 2015

Premiere of Neptune's Silver Screen! starring John Barrymore

What brighter star to open Neptune's Silver Screen than The Great Profile John Barrymore?

John Barrymore in left profile

image: SchroCat {Public domain} via Wikimedia Commons

To begin here's a 2-part presentation of the thespian's life, loves, and career from Dee Barrymore's YouTube Channel which is highly recommended for classic film fans (linked below):

Part 1:

Part 2:

For more excellent film star videos visit the Dee Barrymore Channel and please search for this presentation (Parts 1 and 2, above) if it is subsequently removed herewith.


And now, Neptune's Silver Screen presents the Natal Horoscope of John Barrymore, nee John Sidney Blythe, born February 14, 1882 12:10 am LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (RR: C for accuracy in question) with his Sun (essence; personality) @25Aquarius conjoined by asteroids Amor (intimacy) and Lilith (glamour)! Note that 25AQ is within range of America's natal Moon of 1776 (the people; the public) and relates to his extreme popularity with the American public.

Even with starry Vega rising at his birth and adding magnetism and charisma to his popular appeal, we also find intense, brooding, sexy Scorpio rising which is seen in his Great Profile photo, above, for he has what some might call a "Scorpio nose": sharp and prominent, rather eagle-like, with a concentrated stare. This makes Mars and co-ruler Pluto, a forceful pair, important planets and any aspects to them must be considered. However, the closest applying aspect to his Sun melds with his personality and ego and it is a conjunction with Venus, planet of The Arts (see below for more on the Sun-Venus pairing.)

Chart-ruler Mars does not apply to a major (Ptolemaic) aspect in the chart though there is a minor *semi-square to glamorous Neptune @13Taurus in the midst of a heavy line-up of Saturn, Chiron, Jupiter, and powerful Pluto, all in Venus-ruled Taurus, sign of the throat and voice.These are snugged around the Descendant angle of Partnerships and of those he had many. And there are no planets opposite to provide balance for the Taurean energies though the Sun @25AQ and Venus @23AQ do square transformative Pluto and sextile (60 degrees; helpful) Saturn, planet of hard work and concentration.

Ponderous depression and a sense of loss and abandonment (whether justified or not) are some of the difficulties constellated within the Taurus line-up and via the frustration of the square (90 degrees), we feel his solar shininess to be quite aloof, even icy, in Aquarius. Venus and Sun are so close, however, this denotes one who can be whatever present company wants him to be with great charm (an actor!) and his intuitive Aquarian personality (Sun) is made even more attractive (Venus) and seductive by the very elusiveness and intelligence of Aquarius--plus, larger than life on the Silver Screen we see intimate Amor and glamorous Lilith conjoining his natal Sun, as noted, above.

And since the Sun-Venus pair squares natal Pluto (with Pluto's great urge to acquire when in possessive, stubborn Taurus) we have two ego-affecting aspects: Sun square Pluto, the willful 'might makes right' influence that can be destructive in an 'own worst enemy' kind of way. An enigma to those who knew him, this explosive square is not conducive to harmony in relationships though moderation and compromise would go a long way--if they were achieved. In addition, the planet that loves beauty and harmony, Venus, also squares manipulative Pluto adding tendencies such as using sex to gain financial security, professing love in order to seduce someone into marriage, a preoccupation with physical relationships, and a 'poor loser' attitude that interferes with all types of relationships. Add years of chronic drinking to slur speech and skew perspectives and you've got a difficult if talented cuss on your hands!

And he was plagued by a superiority complex (Jupiter conjunct Chiron--Clow) and did not listen to others! (Mercury sextile Saturn--Epstein). With the abundance of stubborn Taurus, plus the willful indicators, he must have been quite a fellow--perhaps the forgetful husband who had never listened to you in the first place? Being prone to unfaithfulness and indulging in illicit affairs had to complicate matters, one imagines (Neptune-NN = Venus) and his natal Sun AQ-Moon Cap combination is not the easiest personality blend to manage with its aloofness, self-containment, and uptight attitude (--the Harveys.)

Yet early on, these solar dynamics played quite well in career realms with dramatic Leo (notice me!) on Barrymore's Career-Aspirations Midheaven (MC = the World Stage). And there is lusty Mars in the 8th house of Sexual Unions and Shared Resources! Multiple partners are implied with Mars in Gemini, sign of multiplicity, duplicity, evasiveness, and communications. Stars Betelgeuse and Polaris conjoin natal Mars and add their themes to the mix such as success and leading the way.

Now with North Node (destiny) in the 1st house of Self, John Barrymore's life involved a quest for identity which seems perfect for an actor playing a multitude of different roles though it isn't unusual that an actor could become confused as to who he really is--a fantasy vs reality paradox, life as charade. And with Mercury, planet of thinking processes, the senses, and intelligence in secretive, confused, or confusing Pisces (and stationary Rx, thus emphasized) we see the man who changed his name to 'John Barrymore' having a high level of brilliant creativity yet clinging to Piscean escapism such as alcohol or other drugs as the Two Fish swim up to the heights or down to the depths. (His cause of death is given as pneumonia--Mercury = lungs--and cirrhosis of the liver, a Piscean illness via overindulgence and subsequent toxic overload; 4th house is the house of Endings.)

At his death on May 29, 1944 there were two transits that were precise to the degree--transit Mercury to natal Neptune @13Taurus, and transit Saturn to natal Mars @27Gemini (in the 8th house of Death). Chronic inflammations (ex: liver), if any, kick up when Saturn (loss; restriction; stoppage) hits natal Mars (energy; activity) and the general health suffers. If the native is already ill (Gemini = lungs; breathing) this transit coming along is not good news. Sadly, airy Mercury to soused Neptune speaks for itself. (These two spot-on transits apply by degree no matter the exact time of his passing, and if his birth time of 12:10 am is correct, natal Vertex (fated encounters; endings) precisely conjoined natal Mars and thus 1944 Saturn @27Gem44.)

And finally, a word about Barrymore's natal Moon @1Capricorn in the 2nd house of Earning Ability and Values. First, Saturn-ruled Capricorn is a difficult sign for the Moon which represents mother, home, family, nurturing, emotional security, childhood, and the unconscious. It has a moody, depressive Moon-Saturn signature which may have darkened his philosophical outlook (Cancer on 9th cusp) on life though it simultaneously gave him much ambition for success to fill the empty emotional spaces. Wherever the Moon is in a chart there are fluctuations, changes, and a potential for disruption so since the 2nd house is a money house (fluctuating fortunes) and Capricorn's natural house is the 10th house of Career, we find anxiety concerning achievement and adequate income for needs. His reigning need (--Tyl) involves the sign of natal Moon and in his case, Capricorn denotes authority, security, and authenticity in the world.

Imagine how that might have gone for this talented genius if he had managed to moderate the negative escapism tendencies and other addictions!

Well, there you have it. There's more to say about the very complex John Barrymore but this will do for now. Kudos if you've read this far and please Follow or Subscribe if you wish for I promise that not all my articles on Celebrity Horoscopes will be this detailed so I hope you'll dare to return soon to see what actor or actress next appears on Neptune's Silver Screen!


*Though minor, a semi-square is a nagging health-related aspect.

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